I was thankful for this drug at the time. Now not so much. I have some health issues. I ended up in the ER with Gall bladder issues. I was in pain. I told them I was on Suboxone. The nurse comes in with a Vicodine and prescription for some. Duh? I was in pain so I took one and nothing. So I have to get my gall bladder out and wait 5 days to get this our of my system. I still have pain after surgery. Go back on Suboxone. Tried to go off it once, and had horrible withdraw so went back on it. I am going to be having some more surgery possibly so I wein and am now in day 5 of hell. My question is this what if you broke your arm or car accident and cant wait to get this our of your system? Did they ever figure it out. I called the Suboxone people and they wouldn't talk to me about it. Though the page says we are here for you. My Dr. had to call them to find out what the deal was. No one can come up with answers. According to my Dr. I shouldn't have any with draw. I am on day 5 and not fun. Can any one tell me how long this withdraw is going to last? Is there anything any one did that helped to make it go faster?