Hey everybody, I'm 31 years old. Throughout my twenties I've messed around with alot of different drugs, and since I was about 26 years old I have quit different drugs. All cold turkey. Pot, alochol, and cocaine.I was up to easily an 8 ball a day before I quit cocaine cold turkey. Painkillers though never posed as a problem for me then. Took vicotin or loritabs here and there for recreation. If I was on it for too long I just quit and feel like crap for 3 or 4 days and be done with it, then I found Roxys. Started off taking a half of a 15mg cause it was too strong. Eventually I got a tolerance to the point that I was taking 120-150mg a day, Didn't take long to reach that. Couple months maybe. Knew at that point I wanted to quit. Tried quitting cold turkey and the withdrawals were viciously hell! Tried tapering the Roxys but couldn't get it down past 90mg. Even tried loritabs as an alternative to taper throught the withdrawals. Was no different than taking tylenol. Finally found methadone and was glad for it. Started off at 30mg and it made me feel comfortable for a few hours before I started feeling the aches and withdrawals but they were so much less intense. Was just enough for me to get out of bed and somewhat function throughout the day and work. Wasn't feeling great by all means but was functioning. So I stayed on it and gave it a week to see if it got better. Didn't want to go up cause I knew the higher I went the harder and longer it be to get off. After a week or so it got better and now I feel fine throughout the whole day on 30mg. Now I'm to the point that I got control of my life again. I'm taking care of myself and want to fulfill my goal of being totally drug free. Eventhough methadone gave me my life back, it's still an opiate and won't feel totally clean until I'm off of it too. I know there are other methods like tapering and suboxone etc., but methadone is also getting to expensive for me, so I first want to try and get off of it completely and quit cold turkey. I feel I have the motivation and will to quit cold turkey and want to do it that way. Plus I'm not on a strong dose of methadone, but been online reading about people that were successful and unsuccessful quitting cold turkey. Wondering why some people can and some people can't? Is it the people on high doses or dependent on methadone a long time the ones struggling to quit cold turkey, or does it not matter how long or how high a dose you take? And if anybody knows how strong and what kind of withdrawals I will feel after taking 30mg for 90days I'd really love to know? Also if anybody here quit cold turkey, how did you do it, and how did it make you feel? Sorry it's alot of questions, but ready to quit and want to make sure I know everything to prepare myself. Thank you,