... cravings and some paws. I took 1mg and cravings gone and feel fine. Has anyone come off it for awhile and used it in small doses as needed like once or twice a week for a slower taper or going thru paws. This is a very confusing drug and my doctor and therapis dont know but are willing to prescribe it this way still for maintence and just say my body uses it a couple a times a week but it seems like the medical community is not in the loop but I am forutnate enough I think that I have a good place that listens. Any input would be appreciated.Patti, Robert,MPVT,Subzero are u out there, your input would also be greatly appreciated. I am taking .5mg of klonopin upto three times a day for my aniety and will stay there, I was at 1mg up to 4 times a day but coming off of 2 addicted substances at once is tough. Any input on low dose suboxone therapy or biweekly therapy would be greatly appreciated.thanks love, peace,joy Rob