Before I was on the birth control pills, my periods would range from 28-38 days. I was on birth control pills for 3 months and I had to get off of them. I was constantly (still am) coughing and I was getting rashes from my pills. Now, I am prescribed new pills. However, I cannot take them until I start my next period. My last period was on August 25. It was shorter than the ones that I was experiencing for the first 2 months, but my doctor said it was okay since I was still new to the pills. On September 8th, my partner's condom broke. He didn't ejaculate. About an hour to 2 hours later, I took the Plan B One Step pill. Days later, I had light brown discharge and cramps. The discharge lasted for at least 6 days and my cramps lasted for at least 2 weeks. Now, I am getting clear discharge and I'm not really cramping anymore. It's day 32 and I am getting a feeling of pressure in the lower part of my stomach. I don't know when I am supposed to get my period and I am really scared. Is this normal? Am I going to get my period soon? Please help.