So I want to say about 4 months ago my DR switched my BC because I was still having the breakthrough bleeding. She gave me a lower dosage... I am on month 4 of the lower dosage & everything was fine up until yesterday... I was spotting on a Tuesday just like I normally would on the sugar pill week? Is this normal? I called the DRs office but haven't recieved a phone call just yet... I am worried & I am already thinking the worst... I know that stressing over something like this can really have an effect my body so I don't know what I should do. I do have sex with my significan other & we do not use protection because I always take my pill everyday at the same time UNLESS I forget to THEN in that case as soon as I remember I take it... I haven't skipped a pill so I don't know what to think anymore... ANY && ALL advice is truely appreciated & accepted. Thank you!