Hi, i realized i hadn't taken my pill at 9 am like I *always* do, so I ended up taking it at 6-6:30 pm. I read the pamphlet that comes with my bc Gianda CD (it's a Spanish/Latinamerican brand, I think), which has 30 mcg of Etinilestradiol y 2 mg of Dienogest, and it's says that if you take it 12 hours after, you are fine and don't need to use condoms or other methods. But i am still scared and don't know if I can believe that (even though they are the ones that make that pill type), because it seems like a huge window and I've read so much in the internet before that now I am really paranoid. I just don't wanna get pregnant. Am I ok?
I spotted a bit in the meantime, before I realized I had screwed up, and it continued a couple of hours after I took it.