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Had a bby 6 mnts ago & lost only 15 lbs.I gained a ttl of 88lbs during my pregnancy. Help plz?

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Lizzy72 30 Aug 2016

Hello new Mommy! :)

Congratulations on your sweet baby bundle!
It's been quite some time since I've been where you are, but I felt compelled to answer you because my experience when my son was born was similar.

You don't give any info on the history of your pregnancy. There are many factors to consider. Is this your first pregnancy, what is your age, did you experience complications during pregnancy that have affected your recovery... etc?

For me personally, I had a difficult pregnancy. Among other things I became allergic. My immune system was fighting hormones released during pregnancy and I broke out in terrible hives all over my body. As a result I was given the steroid prednazone. Long story short I gained 65 pounds on a rather small to begin with frame. I felt like a walking shamoo. (a fairly famous orca whale, if you're too young for the reference) ;)

And there were other complications as well, but the end result was a happy, healthy baby boy. But after the baby is born and the dust settles, it can be devestating to look in the mirror and not recognize the person in front of you.

I was pretty fortunate up until that time in my life that I hadn't had to deal much with weight issues. Sure there were the typical 5-10 pound weight fluctuations and those times when I'd lay off the snacks for a bit to fit into that perfect dress. But nothing like trying to loose 50 pounds! I had no idea where or how to start. I tried a bunch of ridiculous diets and was left hungry, disappointed, and STRESSED. Then at about six months in, about where you are now, I just stopped. Stopped stressing. Stopped dieting. Stopped driving myself crazy. I went back to my normal, for the most part healthy way of eating. Without realizing it, with time, the weight melted away. It takes time, my lovely. Your body has been through a beautiful, all be it still traumatic experience. It took nine months for you to create that life. It will take up to a year to bounce back. But you will, don't sweat it.

Give yourself time and be patient. Be kind to yourself everyday. Enjoy your baby, the magnificent life you've brought into this world! In the end of a year I was smaller than when I became pregnant. But, it took time.

Eat healthy, fresh produce lots of fruits and veggies, lean protein. Yogurt with probiotics is fantastic for your digestive system and keeps things humming along. And treat yourself to that ice cream cone when you feel like it. Depriving yourself of occasional treats only leads to binging or obsessing. 90% good, 10% naughty. ;)

Get out in the sunshine and walk, swim, dance, play! If you're tired at first, take it slowly, increasing your activity a little bit at a time. Ask a loved one to watch your baby and take a quiet, romantic, evening stroll with your hubby. Hold hands and talk about your day. Your emotional well being plays greatly into your overall health. Kissing burns calories! ;)

Take good care of yourself, you're the most important person in someone's life now. :) free discount card

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