My Dr. recommended that I take low dose Ecotrin to prevent blood clots, due to my history of one TIA. I am concerned about the dyes in all our foods and meds and I want to avoid them due to allergies. I am 65 and I also was tested for MTHFR mutation gene and I am hetero. C677T and A1298C. My grandson is allergic to over 20 different foods, color dyes, artificial anything and he needs his medication compounded everytime. He has two sets of the Mthfr gene C677T and I worry about his future and I question-- Will these dyes and fillers (Soy, Wheat, Caesin, Corn) ever come out of our future medications and food chain? The present question--- is there a low dose Bayer Asperin or low Dose Ecotrin without color dyes that I can get over the counter?