... belief the Fibromyalgia is a latent bacterial infection that seemed minor in childhood but rears it ugly head whenever stress or overworked body conditions are present. Without lengthy details, unless asked, all problems began with a "minor" contamination of the water in our mobile home park was revealed by my anger and questions of many illness of kids and pets in our community. This issue was not a popular topic with owner of this park and was even less popular with water dept. and regulation authorities, although changes were made without anyone being accountable, or anyone confirming long term effects. I was seeing these effects but was not in the financial, or mental stronghold to take on these issues, agencies, landlord, and attorneys. I still have all the paperwork proof and this was 19 years ago. All I wanted was to know, was how to allieviate the health issues we were developing and to make sure new oddities wouldnt appear. Bottom line, contaminated water, bacterial infection, coliform bacteria, rotovirus, appearance of skin rashes (psoriasis), lethargy, morning nausea, funky water, sick and weak pets, heat intollerence, an eye infection, joint and muscle aches, notable increase in sick days from elementary school and my work, passed off as "could be anything" by doctors,is the start of a long and possibly preventable list of symptoms resulting in my definition of fibromyalgia. Seriously think years back, about odd illness showing up out of the blue and flare ups in adulthood when body is under stress. Any common factors?