... so, did you have voice or swallow issues before that? Also, did you suffer severe muscle weakness? I have been battling what we thought was a neuro muscular disorder when I got a certified letter stating that my gastro doc could not reach me and I had to make an appointment due to a pre cancerous condition that was found on my upper GI that was done in 2010. When I called the office they acted like I was stupid and said I have Barret's esophagus and that is a pre cancerous condition. This was not ever discussed with me. I was told to take omaprazole for 2 months and nothing was ever mentioned again. Now, here I sit, horrible weakness, swallowing problems and voice issues. Doctors thought I had myasthenia gravis, now they think I have lambert eaton myasthenic syndrome given I was not treated properly with meds and survailed for the Barret's esophagus I did not know was a pre cancer condition. Cant have the upper GI until next week and this whole thing is very upsetting. Wondering if anyone else had issues similiar. Also, it did state on the paper I brought home in 2010 Barrets esophagus. I did not know it was something bad. I was never told what it was so I figured it was fine.