Today i went to go see my doctor and he informed me i has Barbiturate's in my system. I don't know how. i use to smoke spice but have been off for over 45 days. i currently take dilantin(100mg 2 in the morning 1 afternoon 1 at night) and vimpat (2 by mouth a day at 100mg) for my seizures. i also take alegra/Fexofenadine hydrochloride (180mg when needed ) and Seroquel (800mg 1 pill in the last 30 days) for my bi polor syndrome when needed from 3 years ago. still not have taken the entire bottle in 3 years just when i feel like i may freak.i don't understand how i would have Barbiturate's in my system. i have to get a job friday could this ruin my chances if these are not Barbiturate. i have consumed alcohol in the past 30 days no marijuana in over 180 and do not do any other pills as i hate the fact of the highs and or the pain it has brought on my family?