I took zoloft 2 years ago and eventually was weaned off of it... now I have been diagnosed with accute stress disorder and now im back on zoloft... I was given 100 mg and was told to take 50 mg and if I crash increase to 100mg... the whole time I've been experiencing insomnia (sleeping 2-3 hours a night), hot flashes, and just a gross feeling inside as well as high/low mood changes... I am currently waking up every in the morning and need to place a freezer pack on my neck cause I feel like im on fire, then I need to be under a blanket as soon as do that so I end up 1/2 cold 1/2 hot, then I take a coolish shower... which btw I am so a hot shower person so this is odd to me..Also today was experienced a rapid heart beat and would take xanax at that point which evened me out... just wondering if I should be concerned or will this pass?