I have been on NuvaRing for a few months before there was an issue at a pharmacy and I couldn't get a months worth. After that month or so of time, I got more NuvaRings. Without thinking too much into it, I placed a Nuva Ring in on November 27th. My period should have came the next week so I took it out on Monday, December 5th and waited for my period, which usually comes two days after I remove it. It hadn't came by Wednesday so I spoke to a friend who has been on NuvaRing for a long time and she convinced me that I threw my cycle off and I should just finish the ring, so I reinserted that ring Wednesday night.
Now I believe I've confused my body and I'm nervous because my friend may have been wrong. The weekend before that Sunday I had removed the ring I had had sex with my boyfriend. It was almost perfectly protected but there was a short moment that we were not using a condom. He did not ejaculate inside me but it still worries me to have that small chance from possible pre-ejaculation. Is is possible that using the ring for only a week has thrown off my cycle? I've read of women using the NuvaRing to completely skip their periods. Did I accidentally do this? Did I accidentally throw off my cycle? I still have the ring in and I am on "Day 33" of my cycle.