I have a diagnosed erupted, decayed wisdom tooth still pushing out of my gums, and a dormant infection two teeth further up my jawline, both on my upper left jaw. My dentist says its a $1000 operation to have them both removed, that I simply can't afford right now, especially with Christmas.

I've been dealing with the pain by Toradol prescribed by my emergency room doctor, and ice packs, but I'm still up every four hours, crying and screaming with pain. And I have a decent pain tolerance. A few nights ago, I took two extra strength liqui-gel Advils and a toradol, not thinking, and haven't fully gotten my sense of taste back yet. I can't eat anything because it tastes bad.

My concern is the infection's sprung up again and instead of making my cheek swell, as it usually does, its draining pus into my mouth. Which my dentist said was awful but possible.

So my question is, any opinions? Should I head back to the emergency room to see if they can administer antibiotics? Another note, I just started taking Prozac this week for depression as well.