I had no symptoms, but Dr. says blood tests show I'm hypothyroid. TSH slightly above target range; other numbers are low but within normal range. I felt FINE until I started taking meds. Dr. originally wanted me to do 30mg dose. It made me queasy, drowsy and increasingly weepy. After six days I stopped it and felt fine almost instantly. Now two weeks later, Dr. adjusted the dose and I'm trying again with a 15mg. Even that (tiny by what many women are taking, I know) makes me feel weird. Within minutes of taking it I feel "buzzy" inside and dizzy. My hands have a slight tremor, which is definitely not normal for me. I want to sleep constantly; after only three days I'm back to feeling blue again. Will this stop once my system is used to Armour Thyroid? Or am I messing up my system by taking a drug that my body doesn't want or need? I felt just great before so I really question going through this process. Any words of wisdom or encouragement?