I have been taking adderall ( not prescribed ) for a few weeks now off and on. Just as a pick me up at work to help me work faster / harder / longer. They were 20 Mg immediate release, and I would take 2 in the morning. A few days ago I noticed my index finger and thumb felt tingly but didn't piece it together. Well, on Wednesday I took 2 and it felt like someone punched my heart so badly I had to jump off my forklift to catch my breath. Almost immediately my left hand grew numb and eventually my left leg, I left work fearing a heart attack but once I got home I felt fine. I returned to work and things got out of control my left side was numb, my face, tongue and lips so much so I pulled over and called 911. Ambulance came, calmed me down did an EKG and said I was fine. Went home slept felt 100% better.

Thursday I went to work and felt good, but noticed my fingers were numb. Began to freak out so I tried to calm down but this time it was much more severe and rapid so my boss took me to the ER. Did blood work said I was fine.

I do believe I have PTSD caused during my combat tour to Iraq, could the adderall have triggered this? Because 3 days later and my index and thumb are still numb. Trying to figure out what's wrong with me.