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Is it bad to prescribe Prozac and effexor at the sametime?

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balbanese 19 Feb 2015

If the Dr who prescribed both knows you and your history and has had ample time to diagnose your needs then, yes. If however we are not certain the Dr knows what they're doing than by all means it would be wise to either get a 2nd opinion (diagnosis) from another Dr (not an Internet source) and/or just switch Drs altogether. We have to be confident in those whose hands we place our care.

Pansy404 22 Feb 2015

Did the doctor prescribe both together? If not, don't take both at same time. Hopefully doctor knows what he is doing.

miked299 23 Feb 2015

Pansy404, I've just spent a while reading your posts on Effexor XR weaning. I'm so encouraged to read that it is possible. I've been on 150mg/day for a few years. Since I've been seeing a therapist though, I've worked through a lot of issues that caused my depression. So I asked the Doc how to get off of Effexor. He said take three 37.5's a day for a week, then two 37.5's for a week, then 1 37.5 a day for a week, then one every other day, then off. I made it down to two a day and then all hell broke loose.

Nausea, violent vomiting, dizziness, vertigo-like feelings, insomnia. It was the worst I have felt in my entire life. That is not an exaggeration either. It was just awful. I felt like I couldn't move my head too fast or I'd fall over.

Pansy404 23 Feb 2015

I had much better advice from my doctor, and at the very end of withdrawing worked it out for myself. I was 3 months at each stage, not days!! You were advised Mike to do it much too fast. No wonder you are getting those awful withdrawal symptoms. Trouble is most doctors have never taken it and have no idea what the withdrawals are like.

I would like every doctor to tell their patients to withdraw very, very slowly over many months. Shame they are ignorant of how bad it can be. free discount card

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