I'm in my early twenties and started getting random panic attacks about a year ago. I was prescribed lexapro and it helped tremendously. I've always had concentration and memory issues so my ex girlfriend allowed me to try her adderall. I've never done so well in school or my job since I've taken it. I'm a walking sponge of information. But as a result, post digestion of the adderall about three/fours later gives me the chest pain and panic attacks I've once had. The drug interaction of lexapro and adderall are talked about as unsafe but with little studies. I missed my lexapro two nights in a row and the panic attack from the adderall was very scary and a bad experience. If anyone knows of a middle ground or to dose higher or lower of one let me know. They both work great, adderal in the morning and lexapro at night. But every other day the space inbetween those doses aren't a good feeling