20 surgeries to many left to list. I'm taking Valproic acid 2000 mg a day for seizure's. It's worked for 10 months, also on Coumadin 6 mg 4 days, 5 mg 3 days a week. Today my neurologist put me on Isometh/APAP CAP DICHLOR after doing a 2nd pain block on the left side of the bottom of my scull to ease my migraine's. I have no insurance and they cost $175 which if they work I'll figure out a way to pay. If the pain block doesn't work again I could be looking at like $350 a month not including the other 2 prescriptions. I go for blood work next week. And one of my surgeons in 2wks about taking the rod out of my left thigh (rt shin they removed I think 3yrs ago) and 2 knee replacements. A wheel chair for 1 1/2yrs and a walker for 1yr. Some days I wish I wouldn't have been wearing a helmet !! Please let me know about the drugs. P.S. no pain management. Just wish my head and memory would work right again and not hurt so damn bad. Thx