Hi guys,

I've been taking Micronelle 30 ED (Levonorg/Ethinyloest 150/30mcg) for about two and a half months. I am two weeks into the third pack. I absolutely make sure I take it on time, every day. I picked a very good time that I would always be available, a very memorable time, and I also have a phone alarm. However, sometimes it's a few minutes late, maybe ten minutes on a bad or unusually busy day, but 95% of the time I've taken it completely on time. The latest that I've taken it was about an hour late, but that was mid-way through the last packet.

On the first pack, my period came on the fourth day of the inactive pills. On the second pack, my period came on the first day of the inactive pills. My flow was noticeably lighter and the cramps were a lot less severe, just like they are supposed to be on birth control pills. Everything was normal. I would say that I have been taking my pills correctly.

I recently had to take antibiotics for a foot infection. I took Cephalexin capsules (500mg) for about a week. However, the doctor said that they do not interfere with birth control pills. The Internet says this too.

Anyway, five days after I finished the course of antibiotics, I lost my virginity. So, yesterday, on 08/01/15 I lost my virginity, which was day 13 of my third pack. I know it's bad not to use condoms too, but both he and I wanted our first times to be "raw" so we had unprotected sex. We both know it's bad not to use condoms, and we both agreed beforehand that we're definitely using them every time afterwards, but we both really wanted our first time to be raw. I know that one time is all it takes, so please don't lecture me. We just wanted it to be extra special I suppose.

So yeah, he came inside me. I'm a little bit worried given the circumstances. I'm not freaking out, but I would just like to hear your thoughts. Should I be worried about pregnancy? What should I be looking out for?

P.S. This is kind-of weird, but afterwards he said "it's lucky that I masturbated earlier in the day, because now I didn't ejaculate as much inside you!" I was like, what? Is this for real or was he just being funny with me? It sounds a bit odd to me, haha.

Thanks for your time and your thoughts guys. I appreciate it. Have a good day!