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Why is it a bad idea to take Effexor if you have a thyroid disorder?

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kaismama 23 Jun 2014

I can't find anything that says it is. Where did you hear that?

Kitty 23 Jun 2014

I had a thyroid problem and eventually had it removed. I take Effexor
and haven't had a problem.

fayfaith 23 Jun 2014

Well that's strange ,I have a thyroid disorder n that (medicine) was recommended to me. But, maybe the doctor is thinking he/she needs to check it out first concerning your thyroids,than go from there with the antidepressants. Thyroid throws almost everything off balance n can contribute to mood swings n depression. As well as dizziness/a feeling of drunkenness! So it's good to kind of divide/sort out what's what. That's if the doctor just discovered you have thyroid trouble. Keep Us posted?

WildcatVet 24 Jun 2014

Hi, Mohr! I wasn't aware of any problem either, and I am hypothyroid. It was my psychiatrist who prescribed my Effexor and thyroxine, so I don't think it's a bad idea just something that should be monitored.
I found this on Pfizer's website:
*Endocrine system - Very Rare <1/1000: galactorrhoea, goiter, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid nodule, thyroiditis.*
Hope this helps! WCV

Mohr2012 24 Jun 2014

actually the problems started two months after being placed on Effexor. I started feeling really tired, started passing out, so I made an appointment with my doctor and my thyroid had gone crazy.

fayfaith 24 Jun 2014

Well maybe you won't even need an antidepressant after they get you saturated on meds concerning you Thyroids. And if U do need an antidepressant that's ok too. Just keep your fingers crossed,best wishes to U. :) free discount card

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