I am a 24yr old white female. 5ft 185lbs. with a body fat % of 32. So physically I'm pretty healthy. I have been taking the Norgestrel for 3 years stopping for 6 months due to financial crisis. I started back up on it 3 months ago and every month when I have 1 week left of white pills I start experiencing cramps on a scale of 7.5 out of 10. Which last that whole week of white pills. Then, when I do have my period there are no cramps and it is a medium/heavy flow for 3 days. This never happened before in the 3 years I have been taking it. I am on the pills for regulating flow and managing PMDD. Every month the cramps are getting worse and worse. I've told my doctor about it but she keeps saying that I just have gas. I'm sorry but no, I know the difference. I'm hoping someone might have an idea. Any insight is welcome. Thank you!