I know i'll be called crazy that i'm still taking this drug... but so my dermatologist prescribed me this for my acne after the effects of another antibiotic wore off several months prior. I was told to take the bactrim twice a day, and i felt this was a little too much so i've only been taking one a day. When I first started taking bactrim it got rid of my acne fast within a week. By about the end of the second week I was out in the sun and I broke out in a rash later that day and was sun burnt (I never get sun burnt), also i got 2 swollen lymph nodes under my ears that were sore, along with headaches. I never knew if i was allergic to the drug, or if this was because of being out in the sun so I still proceeded to take it because I couldn't stand the thought of having acne again. Now by the 3rd week i've completely broke out again and I don't know what happened. My rash and swollen lymph nodes have gone away by now. I don't know what to do.. i don't know if i should start taking two pills, i don't know if i'm actually allergic to this drug, I guess i need a second thought on my experience?