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Is bacterium used to treat a bladder infection?

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masso 15 Aug 2014

Medical Term:
Pronunciation: bak-tēr′ē-ŭm

Definition: A unicellular prokaryotic microorganism that usually multiplies by cell division and has a cell wall that provides a constancy of form; they may be aerobic or anaerobic, motile or nonmotile, and free living, saprophytic, commensal, parasitic, or pathogenic.

masso 15 Aug 2014

Bladder Infection Medications:

I suggest you speak to your Dr. in order to get the right medication for your infection.

kaismama 15 Aug 2014

Bacteria causes bladder infections. They do use tb bacteria to treat cancer, but that's a whole other thing.

DzooBaby 15 Aug 2014

I think you mean Bactrim. Bactrim is a sulphonomide antibiotic and is often used to treat bladder infections. free discount card

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