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Is Baclofen the same thing or have the same effect as a Soma?

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butterflylynn 18 Sep 2012

It is nice to meet you I hope this explains your question.
They are both muscle relaxers. But Soma has aspirin in it with some muscle relaxant but it is used usually for pain.

Baclofen is strictly a muscle relaxer & does not have any type of pain medication in it.
It has an antispastic muscle relaxer & works really well for muscle spasms. I have been on Baclofen for about 8 yrs for muscle spasms. I hope this helps explain if not let me know what other questions you might have. Kathy

Hollie h 21 Dec 2017

Hi Kathy. I took 2 baclofen and then not sure how many more cause I was out of it and hurting. I think I od last night

balbanese 18 Sep 2012

For me they are very different.

kaismama 18 Sep 2012

Soma doesn't have aspirin in it, Soma Compound does. Both the meds you asked about work differently but with the same end result, muscle relaxation. free discount card

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