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Baclofen - Is this like somas?

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tonyplake 10 Aug 2014

Hi, deonte0831,

YES, baclofen is a muscle relaxer like Soma - plain Soma NOT soma with codeine.

I have found that Soma is much stronger than Baclofen. But if I need a muscle spasm that needs immediately treatment, I don't plan on driving or making any decisions, I take two or more Somas and go to bed. Knocks it right out and me too. The effect is not unlike a Qualude from the 70's.

All the best,

deonte0831 10 Aug 2014

Do u know what Dr to go to to get somas cuz all these say they don't give them to find one that does

cleo130 11 Aug 2014

My pain doc stopped prescribing Soma almost a year ago, and nothing works nearly as well. I live in Florida, and would love to have Soma again!

Ygvonnie 18 Oct 2018

My PCP just took me off of Soma to "clean up my chart." Said it was old-fashioned. It worked very well for me. Has now prescribed Baclofen. I read up on it. I'm afraid to take it.

DzooBaby 11 Aug 2014

They are similar as they are both muscle relaxants. Seems many physicians are reluctant to give pain patients Soma now days. There is some concern that Soma potentiates the effects of opioids and increases side effects like respiratory depression. There is also concerns for being habit forming (but then so are opioids so it seems kind of silly to me unless they figure on decreasing the amount of potentially addictive medications by using something other than Soma as a muscle relaxant) Soma is more habit forming than Baclofen so that is one of the reasons many Drs prefer to use something other than Soma. Baclofen can be very effective for some and for others, not as much. Everyone is a bit different on what works for them. I would not encourage anyone to increase their dose of any medication beyond what is ordered by their Dr (like taking two or more Somas at a time-that constitutes misuse and can get you into trouble) Some states have made Soma a controlled substance in the last few years where in years previous, it wasnt considered a controlled substance and that can have some bearing on a Drs willingness to prescribe it when there are other effective relaxants that are not controlled. free discount card

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