I had major back trauma 7 years ago and self medicated with pain relief which has left me with gut issues now. Dr has put me on Lexapro to ease the moods swings and depressed mood associated with fluctuating pain levels and decreased desire to fitness train. Work has suffered as I no longer push through the pain. I started with Lexapro 10mg and then up to 20Mg. It was OK for a while and then I noticed a decrease in sex drive and flat periods throughout the day. When I finished doing all the day to day duties I just crashed, often with sweaty nights. The pain managmeent psych has put me on Pristiq. I have not yet taken it as I am waiting for the Lexapro to wear off. I have read these pages about Prestiq with great concern. Has anyone else experienced similar issues and/or can offer a alternative. I am aware of the stigma of pill shopping looking for a miracle pill is never going to happen, but some relief without too much side effects would be nice.