I have a fractured coccyx *tail bone* three broken ribs, my PMC doc is out of town for two weeks and they refused to give me any pain meds because I signed the drug contract, the Doc in charge said, the most I can do for you is give you two 5/500 percocets; and a 5 mg Valium because my BP was high; like 184/156 l can hardly walk, I'm in extreme pain due to the fractured tail bone. He said ( the doctor) this is the most painful fracture to have but only could suggest ice packs and buying a donut to sit on;I am so ready to throw in the towel; I cannot go on like this much more. I need something for pain .And I'm told I have wait until my PMC doctor is back in town; I am at my wit's end now; I have a hard time breathing because of the ribs.

sobbing, so hard right now, it is hard to type. What can a person do? Our hands are tied due to this "narcotic contract",. I feel like I'm living during times of communism now. Don't mean to hurt any-one's feelings, it's just how I feel right now, I have to stop typing, I can hardly see for the crying right now, thanks for listening my friends. I hurt so bad... sigh... sob... Bless all of you..