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I have back spasms what exercises should I do for this, doctor said I have degenerative disease?

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kaismama 26 Apr 2013

General strengthening exercises would help, massage is great and a muscle relaxer would help. Heat, including the thermoguard type patches and salon pas patches help. Perhaps your doctor could refer you for physical therapy. I'd check with him before doing any exercises anyway.

PoisonAlice 26 Apr 2013

I suspect that your doctor diagnosed you with degenerative disc disease. People have wildly varying degrees of symptoms with this, from no pain or symptoms at all, to severe pain and other symptoms. It all depends on the individual. I suggest you look into doing physical therapy, at least a couple sessions, so they can teach you specific back exercises that specifically help your spine. Also, you can try going to a chiropractor for physical manipulation of the spine, for spinal decompression, and/or therapeutic massage. Of course, just like anything else, you'll want to discuss these options with your primary care physician, and/or the doctor who diagnosed this. And you might have to discuss this with your doctor anyway, if your health insurance (if you have it) requires referral from your PCP to see a specialist.

jeanine809 26 Apr 2013

Thank you so much for your advise, Yes my doctor diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease and has referred me to a physical therapist I'm just worried because I'm only 50 and I worried about how it's going to be as I get older and I want to do what ever I can to help myself now.

PoisonAlice 26 Apr 2013

You're welcome :) You definitely want to start taking care of it as soon as you get the diagnoses. Mine started at 22 when I had an accident which caused a back injury, which in turn caused degenerative disc disease, now I have blown discs up and down my spine, and a new one blows once every few years or so. But I was also told for the first 5 or so years that it was all just a muscle injury and due to my weight and I was refused MRIs for those years, so when I could've taken care of it early on, in the first year or two, had they taken my complaints seriously and given me a scan of my spine early, they let my back go and go for years until it got to a serious state where I'm not even a candidate for a disc fusion.

kaismama 26 Apr 2013

Chiropracters make me nervous. Messing with an already damaged spine. free discount card

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