... can't. I need help in figuring out how to control my medicine better, any suggestions? I will give you more info. I have three bulging discs in my neck and three in my back. I had back surgery 10 years ago with no relief. I just got my disability because I am unable to work from the pain, I walk on a cane and I'm only 34 years old. Life shouldn't be this miserable for someone my age or any age, for that matter. My doctor has me on 120 Percocet 10's a month, Flexeril, and Zoloft for depression, and I'm always seeming to run out way too early of the pain meds because I hurt so bad I take more than the limited 4 times a day. But I can't seem to enjoy my life whatsoever with as much pain I'm in if I don't take them like I am now. But if I continue taking them like I am now, I'm always gonna be running out at the end of the month and suffering worse than what I am now.

And please, I don't need anyone judging me, calling me names, I am honestly here for support and help because I need some suggestions on how to control the medication I have so it lasts me longer. I'm always in constant pain without the meds I'm taking, and I HAVE to have them, I just have to figure out a way to manage my pain in between the times I am supposed to be taking them so I don't take too many. That's why I'm here.

Please post some helpful suggestions, and no criticism please. My life is hard enough.