I feel like a moron asking but have read posts and googled it but still don't really understand. I take oxycontin and oxyIR for pain management with real hope of being free from intolerable back pain, and I take as little as possible but can hardly walk as drugs wear off or I've been sitting a while.I've tried lots of drugs but have been able to stay on this regime without increasing the dose while tolerating the pain, so I maybe should just shut up and be happy I'm somewhat ambulatory. I feel like an old cripple most of the time, an embarrassment to my family, and dream of the days when I could remember things, stay awake through a movie, not be constipated, be able to run and sit on the floor like a normal person, etc. Does this suboxone alleviate pain also?
On a side note... I hear talk about highs and lows from meds, but I don't feel any of that, just pain relief, although I.m sure if little green men appeared in my bedroom and cured my back, I would have to wean off the pills since I must be physically addicted after years of taking meds. I asked my dr why so many people want the meds for getting high and I don't feel high, and he said it has to do with a reduction of pain reducing chemicals the body produces naturally but can't keep up when you are in pain continuously. So is this suboxone something I would want? I guess what I really want to say is does it take care of pain and also let ;you feel like your old self ? I'm sorry I'm so dense. I do appreciate answers. (>"o"<) so thank you in advance.