... experiencing sciatic nerve pain in Sept 2001, by June 2002 was almost unable to walk due to low back, and leg pain. August 2002 had back surgery Lamindectomy for the L4 & L5, I have a degenerate disk, bludged, 2 herniated disks, 4 in total. The surgery did allow me to start walking and functioning again. I have been on Loratab for the past 8 years and it doesn't hardly work. I know I have a built up tolerance, don't have medical insurance now so feel like for the past 2 years I have just been taking pain meds to get through each day, but my condition is just being medicated not fixed. I have sever muscle spasms in my lower back, hardly sleep, due to the pain. When I take a Loratab 10 it's like taking a tylenol, just takes a little bit of the pain away but it's still there. A dull, never ending pain, most days I am around a 4-5 pain level with med and it shoots up to 8-9 if I do to much activity during the day. I would like to start working out at a gym thinking that if I lost weight it might take the weight of the back and help the pain. Problem is walking, working out, moving like that causes more pain and has been known to make it to where I can't move for several days after without holding onto furniture. I am at my wits end, very frustrated and can't control the pain that goes on in my body 24/7 for 8 years now everyday has been like this. Will it ever change? Will there ever be a release? I will be 30 in August. I just think there has to be better options out there. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do to stop the pain or lessen it? I have been on neurotin, davocet, methocarbonal, etc. Right now I am just taking flexeril and loratab trying to manage the pain but its not working. I read about break through pain... this is pain all the time not being controlled