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Back Pain - is there a time release pain releiver that a person can take every 12 hours ?

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snoopytann 10 Mar 2012

The only narcotic I have taken every 12hrs is Opana ER (extended release). There are also Phenyl patches that last for 3 days. May I ask why you were prescribed these medications? Good luck!


Inactive 10 Mar 2012

Knight62, there are several options available for ER meds,(extended release). You can take MS Contin, Oxycontin, Fentanyl patch & a few more. You need to discuss this with your Pain Mangement doctor... Mary

arcanoidcyst16 10 Mar 2012

Oxycodone Controlled-Release,Opana ER,Morphine Sulfate ER those are all at least 8 hours I am not sure it could be longer use the pill identifer or contact a healthcare professional to find at more assuming you are on an extended release narcotic pain

Fibro5077 10 Mar 2012

Hi Knight1962,
I also have taken Opana ER and it worked very well. It is a timed release pain reliever, every 12 hrs. There are many short term pain relievers that are very good though. What is your specific situation or need? Doesn't a short term, like every 6-8 hour med help you? I can think of several of them..I can tell you in my situation though, I had to stop getting Opana after just one month because of it's cost. Even with insurance, it is a very expensive drug. I have Methadone, Vicodin, and Dilaudid and they all work very well and I have severe back problems. Dilaudid is a good pain reliever.
Best wishes to you.

arcanoidcyst16 10 Mar 2012

Hi fibro I am also taking oxycodone 10mg and vicodin for breakthrough pain do you think that I would benefit better from extended release oxycodone?I have chronic lower back pain.

Inactive 10 Mar 2012

Hey, ararcnoid, I think you would. I don't do it because I can funtion better with just the oxycodone alone. I can drive or shop or whatever gritting my teeth with the pain, & then get home & take a dose & lay on the heating pad for awhile. Ask for a little sronge one liike the 14 or 20's... mary

BUFFYPORTER1 10 Mar 2012

Yes it is naproxin in combo with arthritis strength tylenol. It works for me and I have had 5 foot surgeries in the last 14 months. free discount card

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