... July 2012 for 2 herniated discs. The new Dr immediately says to me if you're looking for pain meds you're in the wrong place. After berating me for 30 mins forcing me to tears and accusing me of being a drug seeker even after proper tests were provided to see I have a true medical reason for having them he prescribed me cymbalta. After taking it, for several hours I was extremely sick I call him and tell him my reaction to it, he has the nerve to Tell me in 10 years he's never had anyone tell him it made them sick. He said Google it, It's used for pain. So I did and It's used for fybromyalgia pain. I've seen nothing about it treating such a condition as mine. Can you provide more info on this drug for me? I am a cash patient and do not have a lot of treatment options available to me as someone that is insured has