I've been dealing with degenerative disc disease with at least 5 damaged discs for over? ten years and several unsuccessful surgeries. I'm always looking to find a more natural way to relieve pain. I try to reduce use of pain medicine by incorporating a healthy diet, physical therapy, aqua-therapy, meditation, and of course my faith. I'm interested in sharing any ideas that might have worked for you. Is anyone familiar with using CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to make it easier to live with the pain. I strongly believe in the power of the mind. Moment of intense emotion forces the mind to release endorphin or something that momentarily halts our sense of pain. Like while we pray for a sick friend, seeing a loved one after a long absence, being in danger or maybe during sex. I can sometimes fool my mind in believing in something like that for only a short time. I'd like to hear of how others deal with pain beyond what drs recommend