Hi I'm a newbie from New Hampshire... The quick details are spinal stenosis at 3 levels in the lumbar region, thickened ligament flavem and the facet joints at 3 levels in the lumbar regions are degraded and are suffering from hypertrophy, basically grinding against each other without any cartilage left. In addition the lumbar region has lost all of its curvature.

My primary care doctor had me on Norco 5/325 up to 8 a day and then I was referred to a pain specialist who cut me back to 3 a day. All he wants to do are these painful epidural steroid injections that don't really help much. This group says all they can offer are the 3 Norco a day and the steroid injections, that's it.

What in the world do I do when this does not work? The Norco is only effective for about 4 hours. I'm at the point I can't sleep or work. I feel like my primary does not want to deal with pain control and the pain specialist is relying on steroid injections only.

Any advice would be appreciated.