I have been having back pain for 20 years mostly in mid section .where bra strap is. if you slightly touch that area it takes my breath away . I have had x-
Ray and doctors tell me there Is
noting there. years of dealing with this I have now episodes of leg weakness to where I can't
walk, I will go to stand up and fall to ground . Unable to move my legs. I have to tell my legs to move and really focus.
There are Times I feel a heaviness of my lower body coming on. It's hard to deal with the pain, the loss of movement that comes and goes and I'm not sure if this has anything to do with what I just shared but for one year now my right wrist has severe pain , loss of normal mobility I had no injury no swelling or bruising doctors ruled out c. Tunnel. I lost more then 50% of my strength . My doctor said I'm a mystery . That's what I was left with!
Please someone help me get to bottom of this. I'm 39 and
in pain now it's severe sciatic pain witch has been an on going problem threw out the 20 years.