I want to get off the percocets. Would Zanaflex be an acceptable substitute to request from my Dr. as a step down from the narcotic, or is switching to Zanaflex not really a "step down" from Percocets?

The medications I am currently taking is Vyvance for ADD, Xanex for anxiety, Flexeril (sp?) for muscle spasms, Neurotonin (sp?) for nerve pain, and Percocets for pain. ( I am also 5 months post opp from a C-5/C-6 anterior cervical fusion from spinal stenosis and mylapathy (sp?), and a little over 1 month post opp from a L-5/S-1 anterior lumbar fusion from a herniated and collapsed disc)

I do not have insurance so money is also an issue. In researching, I thought maybe I could cut out the Percocets and Flexeril and save money by replacing the 2 with Zanaflex. I feel kind of funny about suggesting a medication to my Dr., but I'm just trying to save money and try to eliminate the Percocets to my already stiff cocktail regiment.

Any thoughts, opinions, suggestions?