... need is Tylenol for breakthrough pain. I've tried taking Tylenol for a week and it do a damn thing for the breakthrough pain. I am still having excruciating pain in my lower back as well as my hips and knees.

I've tried telling him that Tylenol isn't working but he says that he will not prescribe short acting narcotics such as dilaudid for breakthrough pain. I am not happy with this doctor, can I talk to my doctor about it? When I saw my doctor last, he said that he got a letter from this doctor saying that he doesn't want me on short acting narcotics, which my doctor said that doesn't make sense given the amount of pain I am in.

My other question I have is that I am currently getting pain blocker shots in my lower back. They are steroid shots, so how many of them can I get safely? Is this shot the same thing as cortisone shots? Can they cause bone problems for me later in life such as osteoporosis?

Please get back to me soon as I want to see my doctor this week