... asked her about methadone and it worked well last time this happened but there are weird laws in this state regarding it's use. I am in serious pain. The only thing that gives a little relief is tramadol for some reason. What are the other options? I have gastritis with the cirrhosis so any Tylenol, NSAIDS and SSRI's are out. What is the fentanyl patch or morphine patches? Do patches work well, that would avoid my stomach and be pure enough for the liver issue? Any other suggestions. I prefer methadone but like I said my doctor is not responding to my questions about it. Anyone with experience can help me. My PT wants me to start normal life activities and I cannot because the pain medication is not working and it hurts so much. I am still using my regular family practice doctor for this and wish she would refer me to a pain specialist but she keeps insisting this is acute, when the car accident and original pain problem happened 10 years ago and every time I pick up stuff to heavy or twist a certain way it all comes back. MRI shows stenosis and 5 herniated disc, both lumbar and thoracic (middle back) eeek... help!!! I see her again on Monday so any ideas would be helpful.
Thank you and I appreciate you all! Amanda