... ended on the highway at 50 mph. I have been taking pain meds to manage the intense pain I live with on a daily basis. If I stop taking my meds I will be in so much pain that I wouldn't be able to function let alone go to work and pay bills. They are the only thing I can do to function. I also have a heart condition so I'm on blood thinners and other heart meds which make it complicated for surgery and epidurals. I have had three epidurals which have not helped much at all. I visited an Orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion and he said I'm not a candidate for surgery bc all they can do is fuse and that would only be a temporary fix. This surgeon has been a friend of my family since b4 I was born so I trust him implicitly. I'm trying to keep the pills for only when I need them which is every 3-4 hrs. I need a cane if I let them go beyond that time frame. I would be open to alternatives but nothing seems to relieve the pain. Thanks for reading and take care.