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Back Pain - What causes your hips and lower back to hurt after walking ?

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chuck1957 22 Feb 2015

Hi Fred joe Really the only one that is going to be able to answer this is a Doctor which would be well worth it..there are so many muscles,disc,nerves and more there that they would have to run test and see or it could be something just out of joint or out of line But if it is upsetting your life style it is well worth it to get it checked out sometimes the longer you mess with it the worse it could get... I would get in asap and get this checked out good luck it could very well be something very simple so why put up with it...

kaismama 22 Feb 2015

I can tell you what makes mine hurt, but until you have an mri you aren't going to know what makes you hurt. I have slipped discs and my sacroiliac joints are messed up.

balbanese 22 Feb 2015

Your shoes, where your walk how our walk how long you walk your age your overall health your sensitivity to humidity... many more free discount card

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