... this past January on the L4 L5 area. Since the surgery the pain in my leg and hip is pretty much gone but the pain in my back had only gotten worse!! The T11 T12 has always been the worst area but my surgeon told me that if he fused the lower area than the middle should improve and it has only gotten sooo much worse. Today I had to go to a pain doc and he wants to start all over with the injections. I also have been on Morphine extended release 2 times a day along with percocet 10/325 4 times a day. The pain is still getting worse, I felt like today this new doctor looked at me as if I am "seeking" when I tried to talk to him about changing my meds because I have been on the same dose for almost a year now. He did change it to the MS Contin which I thought was the same stuff that I have been taking? I feel like there is no hope left anymore, I have two small children and a very supportive husband that I love dearly and I want to be healthy for them and stop hurting everyday of my life. What should I do? I need to talk with others that have the same problems as me so I dont feel so alone. I am afraid that this may be the way my life will always be and I just cant go on like this too much longer. I am desperate for help