I have been through 2 family doctors, 2 surgeons, 2 physical therapy specialists, 2 hospitals, 4 psychologists, a chiropractor and am now waiting to be on my second pain clinic specialist!!! I has been almost 3 years and I am still in moderate-severe pain on a daily basis.

I have osteoarthritis in my knees and hips, baker's cysts on my knees, I have a torn capsule in L1, and L1-L5 is bulged. I often lose my balance and fall down, or my knees just pop right out of place and I fall. Most times the pain in my back is so severe that I cannot walk from the weakness in my legs. I'm only 30 years old!

I have had x-rays, MRI's, ultrasounds... and the doctors all say the same thing... "well, we don't know why you're in pain. You shouldn't be." Does everyone get this response?

I am so frustrated and angry that there isn't a medical physician out there that can help me! I actually have really good insurance and I can't get any kind of proper health care for my problems!

I am so sick and tired of doctors thinking that I'm just looking for drugs. I don't even want to take them. I take their humiliating drug tests and sign their papers promising not to take more than prescribed like I'm some kind of junkie.

The pain specialist I most recently had, I had been with for a year. She had me on oxycodone and upped me to kadian and then to fentanyl. I was also receiving epideral injections of cortizone directly into my spine every three months.

I have a psychologist as directed by my doctor, I see a chiropractor twice a week for adjustments (though my doctor calls him the quack), and I am now going through withdrawals from the narcotics I was put on because my pain clinic doctor now refuses to see me! Why... I have NO IDEA because she won't speak to me.

I contacted a lawyer only to find out her "dropping me like a hot potato" is completely legal for her to do. So she got me hooked on drugs and then pushed me away. Great. So I'm in the process of getting another pain clinic doctor.

My problem is..no one knows what my problem is! I am so miserable! I am in pain all the time, I can't work, I can't go back to college and finish up my degree..I can hardly take care of my kids! Because there are no doctors to diagnose me, my disability case is a loser. I was even revoked my handicapped sticker. I have a perscription for a wheel chair and a cane, but I can't get a handicapped sticker? Oh I could just spit. I have had one for 3 years and now I'm denied my renewal.

I really don't want to be homeless because my doctors can't help me... what can I do???