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Back Pain - Does sciatica pain (also in right calf) ever go away?

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mpvt 30 Mar 2010

You should see your doctor as he can give you a couple simple exercises that will greatly improve your condition.
Sciatica pain is terrible and there is little in drugs that can help. This is why exercise is so important. Especially if you happen to be over weight. If not then it's just a matter of strengthening your abdomen and lower lumbar muscles... Good luck... Dave

slygirl 30 Mar 2010

Thanks so much for replying, Dave. It gives me hope, even though it feels as though there is none, at times! Right now, I cannot even walk and limping is a challenge. I'n slim, and not even near overweight and I do leg lifts at night to flatten my lower abs, but since my pain became excruciating today, forget it! I walk on my treadmill daily (speed around 2.5-3.0) and my pain level now is a 9! This support group is exactly what I need and having people to chat with and support is my light at the end of the tunnel!

itsmetoo2 30 Mar 2010

yes, it can. It is when what ever (usually muscle) impinges the sciatic nerve, that is when the pain comes and can go down the leg. Sometimes it can get so bad that you can not walk. Stick with a heated pool for excercise. Like the YMCA, it is an indoor pool. Walk and do some lite excercises. Some YMCA's have a back pool class.I also had a herniated disc in L3-4-5 and with 2 years exercise, my discs are back inplace.

Wishing you good health


subzero58 30 Mar 2010

hi slygirl,its one of them things to get it to stop hurting you can do all kind of things for. chiropractor can do wonders, exercise is a big way to get relief,keeping a good stretching and strengthening routine works wonders. sometimes it goes away ,but once you hurt that part of your nerve and spine it seems to come back to haunt you for the rest of your life... good luck with that free discount card

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