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Back pain in my back what medicine is suitable for me?

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Inactive 14 Mar 2013

Hello bishnu01. It depends how severe the back pain is, along with the reason/diagnosis for the pain. Muscle relaxers, various pain killing drugs , or over the counter medications are all an option. Regards pledge

Inactive 14 Mar 2013

bishnu01, I agree with Pledges answer. I'm curious if you've taken any medications for it, at all? What scale of pain do you have? Have you inquired a MRI to your Dr. so he can get a bigger picture, to know what to perhaps prescribe to you? Geeze... I didn't mean to interigate you, by asking so many questions. Lol. I'm just trying to get a little more information, so I, or someone else may be able to give a better suggestion or opinion. I know, from experience that Back Pain is horrific to deal with. And many many people here, are in the same situation, and have to deal with daily pain. You can get a lot of support here. Good luck, and God Bless. Ruthie

ang1049 14 Mar 2013

I agree with the other 2 members.It is hard to give you an answer withhout more information.Did the back pain just start?Have you had an MRI?Have you been given a diagnosis of your back pain?(Sorry,don't mean to sound like an I am interrogating you.)But their are so many suggestions we could give... If we knew more about specifics of your problem.Maybe you could update and one of us could help with your question.I would hate to give you incorrect information or tell you a medication,if it is not what you need.Best Wishes Ang1049

mhelcl 14 Mar 2013

Back pain is not enough information for anyone to decide what treatment approach you should take, let alone decide on what type of medication is appropriate for you and your condition. Back pain can be a complex issue. Can you provide more information? Have you been diagnosed with anything that you suspect could be causing your back pain? How severe is the pain? Is the pain constant or intermittent? What makes the pain better? What makes the pain worse? Does the pain ever go away? Are you taking any medication now to alleviate the pain? Have you tired anything else besides medication to help with the pain? Do you have any stressors in your life at the moment? Do you have any other medical conditions? Are you taking any other medications? Do you have allergies to any medications?

endlessPred 15 Mar 2013

Was this caused by an accident, lifting or spontaneously? each type of cause has different procedures and medications. I suggest you see a doctor and get an X-ray. free discount card

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