... year i after being off it for a few years and feeling great as i had become very fit and was doing good in general - i just crashed, i simply couldn't function and it was terrifying. This depression i have is not environmental - i have a great life and family, but this depression is like a lack of something in my brain - i think anyway? I'm sick of doctors asking me if there is something going on that i should talk about - "you should talk to someone" I can talk until the cows come home - it will not tweek my brain though... After my crash last year, I reluctantly went back on effexor and the doctor tried other cocktails as i couldn't sleep and i was very very sad. I had the horrors for a month or so. I also had bloods done and despite the fact i'd become as fit as a fiddle and lost 3 stone my cholesterol was 6.2 and my blood pressure was 160 over 110. Nobody would give me a straight answer as to why. After trying 4 different blood pressure tablets i'm presently taking one that is slowly lowering the blood pressure. I stopped eating healthy to a degree and took plant stenols and my cholesterol is down to 4. To be honest I'd be happy to stay on efferor as they keep me balanced - been unbalanced is a very lonely frightening place, and i can only say i am now feeling good again. My problem is my blood pressure - i need to know if the effexor is causing it? I'm thinking the only way to find out is to come off the effexor? The blood pressure tablets are causing my ankles and feet to become very swollen and sore - this is a "commom" side effect apparently - it's horrible though. I'm more concerned about a stroke or a heart attack and of course i'd love to be drug free - this is easy to say however with a clear head and sharp mind and sitting here as my confident self. The story can be so different though and that's what frightens me.After my long rant can anyone tell me if they developed high blood pressure from taking effexor? the doctors say I have this " a considerable length of time" and that my heart wall is showing signs of pressure. It could also be genetic as i am very aware - either way is the only way to find out is to once again come off the effexor? should I continue taking the blood pressure tabs while i am weaning off the effexor? Is there an alternative to effexor that I could switch to? Should I notice the blood pressure stabilizing while weaning? Or will this be clouded by the blood pressure tablet effects also. Should I slowly come down on the effexor and then come off the blood pressure tabs? I do not find any doctor i have spoken to of any help and none will give me the support or the answers i am looking for. I feel entitled to these answers - maybe these docs just do not know??? If anyone is reading this - hope I haven't wrecked your head too much. I've read some posts from a person named "pansy" from a while back - she was very inspiring - hope to hear from her