I am 10 days clean from a percocet addiction. I had been on for about 9 months following double knee surgery. Doctor prescribed Celexa for the anxiety I was having (before I realized it was from the percocet withdrawal). Went back and saw another doc in her office. Fessed up to the percocet and the withdrawal. She prescribed Clonidine and Lorazepam. Stopped the Celexa after 10 days. Stopped the Lorazepam 3 days ago. Trying to stop the Clonidine. I'm still not sleeping well. Can't get my body to shut down at night. Talk to the doctor and she said to start the Celexa again in AM and stay on the Clonidine longer. I'm trying to get off all meds, but I need my body to learn how to shut down at night and relax. Not sure I agree with the doctor. Advice?