Hi, I have broken my back in 4 different places T1,L3,4,6. T1 and L3 happened at the same time as did L4 and L6. I now have fusions from C3-T2 and L3-S1. The T1 vertebra split into 2 pieces and my spine dislocated which caused some compression of my spinal cord (good that it split or I'd be rolling instead of walking ) mostly affecting the C8 nerve bundle. . C5,6,7 had collapsed and been fused before I broke T1 and L3. So I have had 7 different surgerys on my spine. I have lots of residual pain and associated stiffness. I have been told by my doctors there is nothing else that can be done about my pain. I do take Percocet 10's daily along with gabapentin and Mobic. Zanaflex for muscle spasms and of course an antidepressant for the chronic pain depression. Which I've been told is unavoidable. All this does help somewhat. Up until about a month ago I was still working doing manual labor or trying to , but now my doctor has pulled the plug and says I can't work anymore ever. All this happened in 2006-2009 and I've worked up till 2016. Now I'm reduced to hanging out at home or with a few buddies. So far my pain has gotten worse . How do I get my pain dr. to increase me to roxy 20. I know it works better , I tried some my buddy had but I can't tell them that. Can I? Does anybody think it will ever get better or will it just get worse the older I get. I also have arthritis from all the brakes and surgeries. Just thought I'd throw it out there and see what y'all had to say.