... page. Any advice? I am on Ax for one week now. Scared to contaminate my 8 year old boy. I use the same tub, shower, sink that he uses. Often he crawls into our bed a night. Like all boys, he likes to wrestle, rough play, etc with his dad. I like to tickle him, and of course as revenge, he tries to tickle me. AND, dad likes hugs from his boy when he leaves for work and when he gets home.
I am even afraid to put my shirts in the same hamper(and maybe even in the same washing machine)as his stuff.
Most people lather up their underarms in the shower. I dont even do that. I am afraid he will use the soap and contam himself, EVEN IF I RINSE OFF THE SOAP. Am I being paranoid? I mean, along with the Rx, I got about 40 pages of literature which all emphasized the dangers of cross contamination. ??? Any suggestion plz?